Saturday, May 10, 2014

Considering Egg Donation

I had a visit with A today, which was amazing (as always!). I also always enjoy the quality time and chatting with D. Today, she asked me about potentially donating eggs for them. I've thought about surrogacy since having A but decided it would be too much on me. I like the idea of donating eggs and want to do it for several reasons. It would almost guarantee that A got a sibling. It would be neat that A would have a sibling that shared her genetics. It would make me so happy for D to get to experience a happy pregnancy and giving birth to her baby. It's much cheaper than adoption, which means more money for A's future. I do have some questions I need to research and think through. I wonder if it would be hard to have another child biologically linked to me but not mine out there. I wonder how that relationship would be with me being A's birth mom. I feel like my family would not be crazy about there being another genetic link out there that's not "theirs" like a child of my own would. It's so different from adoption because this child would not be grown inside of me and would be started from day 1 with the mentality of being someone else's.

I also wonder about the logistics- how would I handle the hormones? How would I manage the testing, medications, frequent office visits, and procedure while being a full-time student AND nanny. Also, could I afford the time off work for all this? I wouldn't take money from D&G because I want to purely donate my eggs, but I have to make sure I can manage with all my bills. If I decide I can do it but not manage the financial hit, then what?

Sheesh, lots of questions! It seems so crazy and out of this world, but also seems kind of perfect. It may not even be a thing if they get pregnant on their own or decide to go the route of adoption again. I can't help but wonder if this has ever happened before.


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